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PJ'S and Lingerie

Getting ready for tonight's party! Looks like it's going to be a big one. We have 4 other sign up locations. Fajitas and Walking Taco's (which I'm unable to do right now🙄🤕) on the menu tonight. And of course fruit and dessert . Looks like it might be 'cuddle & and snuggle' weather. That's ok, we can always get naked and warm each other up! Hope we see you tonight. Text 912 571 9424 for address.

Tequila Sheila

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Sheila  & Rich
Sheila & Rich
08 oct 2022

Ditto! That's why we have parties every week! With family, life, etc. Everybody can't make the same date.

Me gusta

Have a funtastic time! Wish I could attend

Me gusta
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