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Medical Mayhem

Hello friends, PJ's and Lingerie was a blast! Thanks to all who showed up, especially all you sexily dressed people. It did get a little chilly even with the propane heater on the back deck. So of course, Rich had to fix that. The patio is now COMPLETELY enclosed except for entrance. And there's new Radiant heating. Tequila Sheila's however was warm and cozy like the rest of the indoors. SPOILER ALERT.... since Tequila Sheila has BROKEN HER ANKLE AND FOOT (big hint here for extra door prize ticket) she's having issues with stairs. Hence the now enclosed patio and new heating.

For medical mayhem there is no right or wrong. You interpret your way. I've already heard about some really kinky outfits! I'm so excited to see what Ya'll CUM up with. lol Now, you don't have to dress in theme, it's not required, just fun. Another little spoiler alert , I pick several random judges from those that aren't dressed up (so you're still really important in the scheme of things!) So, I guess with that being said... we need to have a most original costume/outfit contest. Bring it on people, I've been kind of bored/immobile lately (wink wink) so make me happy!!!! Cum see me!!! You can sign my cast!

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